Inspire your mind and transform your body with our MSP family dedicated to your fitness goals.

Move:  Lagree MSP works multiple muscles at the same time using compound movements. This not only makes the workout incredibly efficient, but also more effective and produces astonishing results. Each class consists of unique and intense moves using the assistance and resistance of weighted springs to pulse, push, press, and feel the burn.

Sculpt:  Your safety is our first priority, and our classes are led by certified coaches that motivate and encourage you every step of the way. You’ll achieve a long, lean, sculpted body without creating stress on your spine or joints.

Perform:  Dare to challenge yourself beyond your limits. The Lagree method is an effective workout for all fitness levels, and you’ll torch up to 700 calories on your first class. Your expert coach will help you perform to your ability. Boredom doesn’t exist at Lagree MSP, and because of our dynamic structure, you won’t plateau and burn out like other workouts.

We are the only studio in Minnesota with the latest edition of the Megaformer, simply known as the M3S.

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Core strengthening, flexibility, and high-intensity cardio are wrapped into one exhilarating, sweat-dripping, endorphin-blasting 50-minute workout. Lagree Fitness™ delivers the most progressive, innovative approach to full body fitness. Invented by Sebastian Lagree, this Pilates- inspired method encompasses all elements of physical fitness not only in 1 session, but in each and every workout.

The M3S MegaFormer™ provides an infinite amount of exercise options and encourages maximum exertion with zero periods of rest in order to promote effective muscle fatigue with no stress on the joints or spine. Slow-controlled movements, quick and smooth transitions from one exercise to the next, and effective intensity allow you to maintain an elevated heart rate and keep you in the fat burning zone for the full 50-minutes of class!

Lagree fitness enthusiasts report “love at first try” with the Megaformer – the most challenging workout machine in existence. Combine all your favorite fitness machines and exercises, and then multiply it by a million. That’s the Megaformer.



    Each exercise works the muscles against weights, gravity, and/or springs in counter-resistance to a threshold of intensity that will stimulate improvement and performance


    Every movement we do works the muscle in its length, which improves flexibility.


    Our classes promote fat loss and lean muscle growth to improve the total body composition.


    Each class packs in 50-minutes of heart pumping physical exertion, which stimulates your cardiovascular system.


    Our classes focus heavily on core-stabilizing exercises and maintaining proper form throughout each and every move. Core Strength is the ability for the body to stabilize during movement. Your balance is your ability to maintain your support with minimal sway. The torso is the body’s center of power, so the more strength and stability trained in this area, the better chance you will have in preventing injuries and maintaining good alignment and posture.


    A strong mind makes for a strong body! Feeling great about yourself impacts your behavior which impacts your body composition. Clients are already telling us how the classes are changing their bodies and impacting their lives in a positive way.


  • What should I expect when I arrive?

    This workout is designed for almost everyone and all different levels of fitness! Come ready to get an awesome intense workout and have fun! Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation time if you are new. Your instructor will give you a tour of our studio and the Megaformer machine before class. Classes are 40, 50 or 60 minutes, and each exercise is explained before it starts, so don’t worry about how the moves are performed or how the machine works. The format is high energy with great music. We supply hand towels, filtered water (many people like to bring their own, which is just fine), storage cubbies to place your personal belongings (located inside the studio within your sight). We do NOT offer showers or lockers, but we have very nice amenities for freshening up in our bathrooms. We supply sanitary wipes for our machines and we greatly appreciate your help in wiping down your area before the next group arrives. Don’t forget to BREATHE, FOCUS, and most of all – HAVE FUN!!! For safety reasons, no glass bottles please.

  • How is this different from the Pilates Reformer?

    Although at first glance there are similarities, the workout method is very different. The main difference is the MegaFormer™ and class structure provide an intensity and cardiovascular elements that Pilates cannot. With Lagree you get the intensity of weight training plus the therapeutic benefits of Pilates all in one 50-minute class.

  • What should I wear?

    Wear your normal workout attire. You will sweat, so wear breathable clothes you feel comfortable moving around in. We do not allow shoes on the machine, and we ask you leave them at the front reception area. Grip socks are required to ensure proper hygiene and make sure you’re safe as you move around on the Megaformer. We offer grippy socks for purchase – or bring your own! Please do not wear dangly necklaces or jewelry that may get in your way or get caught in the machine. We ask that you refrain from using your cell phone during the class.

  • What is the structure of class?

    We only have 50 short minutes to get a full body maximum workout in, so we jump right in and transition from one move to the next as fast as possible. You will be in a group format with up to 11 people in a class. The instructor moves around the room throughout the class to engage everyone and check form. We typically max out one body part before moving on to the next, so expect to spend an adequate amount of time focusing on each muscle group.

  • How do I schedule a class?

    It’s easy! Click on “sign up”, and you will be directed to our extremely user friendly and secure software system to assist you in entering a username and password and then use it to schedule, purchase and track your visit history. If you forget your password or need more information, please send us an email. Classes are up to date, and you can see how many spaces are available. If the class you’d like to take is full, we offer a waitlist and we encourage you to put yourself on it. If a class opens up, it’s yours! If there is any injuries or special conditions your coach should know about, please inform them before class begins, so they can make the appropriate modifications. If you have chronic back pain, painful joints, or a severe medical condition, we recommended to schedule a private session before a group class so that your certified instructor can assess your fitness level. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we will take care of you. If you are pregnant and new to the Megaformer, we ask that you consult with your physician before coming to class. We ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes early and 10 minutes if it’s your first class. If you are not in class upon starting, we may give your space to someone who is waiting.

  • What happens if I have to miss a class?

    It happens! Our cancellation policy is 12 hours in advance to get credited back to your account for the future. Your class will be forfeited if cancelled within the 12 hour window. We are sorry, but we do not offer refunds, transfers or exchanges. We do not offer switching classes within the 12 hour window, but feel free to stop by at another class time that day, and if there’s an opening, it’s yours! Please take a moment to review our cancellation and no show policy for more information.

  • How frequent should I come?

    The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest. Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need more, or less, time to recover. We recommend three times a week to allow your body proper recovery time, but some students love the workout so much that they come in as many as four times a week! The key is to listen to your body and to find a routine that works best for you.

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